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End-user computing

End-user computing (EUC) refers to the technologies that organizations use to deploy, manage and secure the devices, applications and data that their employees require to perform their jobs.

The major components of EUC are physical desktop computing, virtual desktop computing and mobile computing, each of which involves several different technologies.

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End-user computing encompasses:

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  • desktop and notebook computers;

  • desktop operating systems and applications;

  • smartphones, tablets, wearables and other mobile devices;

  • mobile, web and cloud applications; and

  • List Item virtual desktops and applications.

EUC also covers the technologies that organizations use to provide access to these resources, such as:
  • Windows management and security tools;

  • enterprise mobility management software, which includes mobile device management and mobile application management;

  • desktop and application virtualization platforms and management tools; and

  • enterprise file sync-and-share services.

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